Sunday 12 Jul 2020
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The Company

Our company was founded in 1978 aiming to cover the Greek market with products that up to then were exclusive imported. Its founders Dimitris and Panagiotis Papadakis, having obtained the knowhow from their decennial residence in the U.S.A., they invested in modern equipment according to international standards.

With its establishment, the company already had two series of door handles and six designs of knobs. Giving base in the quality, we were the first to manufacture products made of solid brass. The market did not take long to realize the difference from the imported products!

Thirty one years later, our company staffed as well by the daughters, Argyro and Panagiota Papadaki, mechanical engineer and interior designer, respectively, remains always a family business which, however, has now in the market many series of door handles, one hundred and fifty series of knobs and a variety of decorative items, 80% of which are exported to Europe, U.S.A. and Middle East.

Furthermore, recently, in response to customer demand, we felt it necessary to become active in the area of fireplace accessories and decorative curtain rods. Of course in these areas we are using as well the best materials and the most modern methods of production that have placed us among the top manufacturers in the Greek market and not only!

 The correlation of price and quality is always one of our greatest strengths as any comparison shows the qualitative superiority of our products and at the same time the economic benefit our customers have showing us their preference.

Our goal is always to dress your home with the best, of highest quality and most beautiful products of our own, GREEK, manufacture!